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Homecare Nurse

Homecare to patients of all ages. Home health care is a cost efficient way to deliver quality care in the convenience of the client’s home.

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Clinic Nurse

Clinic nurses provide patient care in medical clinics. In this role, the clinic nurse works closely with doctors, specialists, and other care providers to deliver short- and long-term care to patients in Indonesia

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International Nurse Program

International nursing jobs provide personal and professional growth to every nurse through providing care, administering medicine and treatments, working on language skills, and supplying education to patients in a foreign country

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If you're a hospital, practice or an organization that needs help with nurse recruitment, we can deliver high-quality candidates who are ready to come to work for you.

Why you should hire a Nurse Recruiter Agency

There is a constant need for new health care workers throughout the sector. If you're a hospital, practice or an organization that needs help with nurse recruitment, it's a good idea to use a professional and experienced third-party nurse recruiter agency that specializes in your area. You want recruiters who've worked with the sort of people you need, who know the system inside and out and can deliver on a good range of high-quality candidates who are ready to come to work for you.


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Helping healthcare professionals find and do their best work.
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Ready to say goodbye to the blackhole of HR? Accept or decline interview requests for registered nurse jobs that come to you. Compare multiple offers from top hospitals. Choose the right fit for you. With Perawatku, you have the power to find your dream RN job.

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Perawatku is more than just an app or website. Our team gets in touch to better understand your needs. We make sure you’re presenting yourself in the best way possible to top hospitals. We stay in touch as you go through a fast interview process

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All candidates and employers are actively looking. Employers have time limits and are simultaneously competing with other employers, encouraging them to move faster. The result—you quickly get multiple, great job offers.

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Pelayanan keperawatan yang berkualitas mempunyai arti bahwa pelayanan yang diberikan kepada individu, keluarga ataupun masyarakat haruslah baik (bersifat etis) dan benar (berdasarkan ilmu dan hukum yang berlaku. Menurut saya dengan adanya layanan homecare yang berada di sangat membantu...

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Singgih Akbar

VP BisDev Dokter Sehat

Perawat yang tersedia atau yang hadir ke rumah merupakan perawat yang benar benar berkompeten dan mampu menangani saya untuk mengontrol gula darah saya sesuai dengan SOP yang berlaku dan sama dengan pelayanan di rumah sakit, yang bila mana di bandingkan dengan datang ke rumah sakit mengunakan jasa...

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Rio Catur Adi

CEO GoMedika

Terimakasih sudah memberikan sarana dan fasilitas yang terbaik untuk keluarga saya. Dan penangan yang dilakukan cepat dan tepat sesuai dengan ketentuan kerja. Pelayan rehabilitas dan terapi fisik yang dilakkan sangat membantu keluarga saya yang terkena musibah kecelakaan dan kebutuhan...

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Ria Ayu Lestari


Pelayanan perawat yang saya pesan datang tepat waktu dan melakukan pekerjaan sesuai dengan yang saya butuhkan. Dan perawat yang dating selalu memberikan respon yang terbaik untuk membantu setiap keluh kesah saya mengenai tekanan darah tinggi yang saya derita, di memberikan pelayanan...

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Nathaniel Adi Putra

VP Business Klik Dokter